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1. The children’s ______ natures were in sharp contrast to the even-tempered dispositions of their


A. mercurial

B. blithe

C. phlegmatic

D. apathetic

E. cunning

2. Having regarded Marcus relationship to their boss as entirely _____, Jo was flabbergasted when Marcus publicly made clear his objections to some changes the boss was introducing.

A. professional

B. sycophantic

C. prosaic

D. dissident

E. collegial

3. My grandma has a strong belief in all things _____: she insists, for example, that the house in which she lived as a child was haunted.

A. clamorous

B. invidious

C. numinous

D. empirical

E. sonorous


1. In the discussions on international patent law, many (i)______ issues will probably be pushed far into the future. This cautious approach makes diplomatic sense, since attempts over the past 15 years to reach international agreements on patents have (ii)______ just such sensitive issues.

Blank (i) Blank (ii)

A. contentious D. approached

B. stimulating E. articulated

C. subjective F. foundered on

2. As cheaper imports drove most California potteries out of business during the 1950s, one

company (i)______. The substantial size and weight of the specialized products produced by

Architectural Pottery helped (ii)______ the company, because it was uneconomical for foreign

companies to ship similarly large objects to California.

Blank (i) Blank (ii)

A. stagnated D. transform

B. diversified E. insulate

C. flourished F. finance

3. While acknowledging behaviors the Prime Minster took in order to remain in office were

(i)_____, some politicians nevertheless believed this small amount of (ii)_____ was justified to

keep reforming government in office.

A. unethical D. skullduggery

B. impractical E. indolence

C. quixotic F. incivility

4. There has been great enthusiasm in the United States for reducing fossil fuel dependence by

increasing production of biofuels from crops such as corn and switchgrass, but this (i)_____ about

biofuels potential should be (ii)_____ by a realistic appraisal of the costs and challenges of biofuel


A. forbearance D. tempered

B. exuberance E. delineated

C. obduracy F. exacerbated


1. The ______ nature of the approval process for new drugs suggests that incentives to promote

more expeditious decision making may be necessary.

A. pecuniary

B. commercial

C. arbitrary

D. sluggish

E. capricious

F. dilatory

2. Anne Carson’s book Nax is, very deliberately, ______ literary objectthe opposite of an E-reader,

which is designed to vanish in your palm as you read on a train.

A. an evanescent

B. a cumbersome

C. an immutable

D. an unwieldy

E. an ephemeral

F. a flexible

3. Peoples ‘decisions about childbearing depend on innumerable personal considerations and societal factors, yet even knowing this, demographers are often ______: their projections of birth rates frequently turn out to be embarrassingly at odds with reality.

A. sanguine

B. flummoxed

C. inconsistent

D. overconfident

E. heartened

F. confounded

4. In matters of taste, the art patron and collector Peggy Guggenheim was _____, she was for the

strangest, the most surprising, the most satisfying, the best, the unique.

A. a neophyte

B. a novice

C. a realist

D. an extremist

E. a pragmatist

F. a zealot

5. Miller reminded his clients that labor relationship are inherently _____; the interests of

business owners are diametrically opposed to those of employees.

A. adversarial

B. exploitative

C. mercenary

D. antagonistic

E. variable

F. changeable

6. The concert hall’s suspended ceiling is two-inch-thick plaster that reflects low-frequency sound

energy; similarly, all wall surfaces are angled and shaped to _____ sound from the stage

throughout the audience area.

A. diffuse

B. amplify

C. spread

D. dampen

E. eclipse

F. deaden

7. Scientists should hope the faults in their theories will be _____ their peers since the refutation

of one hypothesis can free its originator to develop a better one.

A. discerned by

B. disregarded by

C. discovered by

D. ignored by

E. opaque to

F. inspiring to

8. After rising continuously over the summer, commodity prices fell, leaving analyst wondering

whether the downward trend is a turning point or merely a _____ before demand picks up in the

winter months.

A. spike

B. upsurge

C. harbinger

D. portent

E. lull

F. respite


1. 单空:尽管女权主义逐渐实现,但是现在gender equality性别歧视现象依然存在:persist

2. 双空:Pro vs Amateur,专家认为历史写的是精确的precise,应该影响文化走向的事情shaped culture,而业余爱好者,worse, fans 都是看自己的兴趣 self-interested,并且关注的往往都是minor的历史

3. 双空:high-esteemed 自尊被认为上很contradictory的,on one hand, 我们认为可以很好有利于我们发展;on the other hand, 可能会让人非常的高冷impersonal。

4.双空:我们限制自己吃的时候想吃的东西看上去是counterintuitive 和 contradict,就比如,我们常见的相反观点认为:我们想吃好吃的东西这件事儿就会使我们很开心。

5. 六选二:a white dwarf白矮星的描述,专家的描述认为是essential,对应其他人是simplicity。

6. 有个NN的双空题,还没挖到题源,但是好像再哪儿见过。

7. 六选二:记忆的特点不是怎么样的,实际上是分散成了碎片fragment,并且各个部分也是分散的:atomize

8. 火星三空: 我们在火星表面水的研究已经不再是一个不可行的事儿了practical,pragmatic因为现在我们认为人类移民居住火星不是一个不可能impossible,所以我们现在关注的不再是水的问题,other than water

9. 忘记题了,但是六选二选项:infringe contravene ;tentative minor。

10. 生词:佛脚基本都有,稍微难点儿的词:eviscerate提取出,skullduggery欺诈欺骗,flummoxed=confound令人困惑的, sycophantic 谄媚的,antagonistic 敌对的, exuberance 繁茂,大量。


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